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The 17th and its island green is synonymous with the Stadium Course. I try to not use the time period “signature hole,” which is not relevant to most courses, however, if ever there was a “signature gap” on a course, that is it; it’s the defining characteristic of the structure. Golfers have Alice (not Pete) Dye to thank for the famous island hole; it was her inspiration after they were on website and she or he envisioned it because the design was shaping up. As a lot of a pain as the outlet is to play, it’s clearly great spectacle for fans and riveting entertainment to observe tour players agonize as they try to not embarrass themselves on the brief hole.

A search of “best locations to dine alone” led me to a couple of new-to-me eating places, together with the rooftop patio on the Carolina Ale House across the street from Marion Square. After dinner there I strolled across the neighborhood, discovering a nice artwork supply store, a number of extra eateries, and the Holocaust Memorial in Marion Square Park. It was dark, and I made a be aware to return in the daylight.

I’ve written here that 1989 was an enormous 12 months for fats activism in the UK, with The London Fat Ladies’s Group gaining plenty of visibility and their profitable convention. I’ve heard it said that the values of 1 decade do not really kick in until a lot later. Though the Nineteen Eighties is often related, in the West at least, with the spread of neoliberalism by Thatcher and Reagan, fat feminism of that interval was pretty radical and mirrored lesbian feminist ethics, community and culture. It wasn’t until the Nineteen Nineties that that spirit of early fat feminism was pushed aside in fat activism and the movement took a flip in direction of conservatism.

I bang on about fat activism and archiving quite a bit. Freespirit’s archive shows that saving and donating ephemeral materials can create an amazingly rich useful resource for researchers, activists, or anybody really. If you’re the type of one who does stuff, think seriously about leaving a trail behind you, like Judy, for individuals of the future to make use of and revel in.